We specialize in handicrafts

We specialize in handcrafted gifts and home decor. We provide a wide variety of items to choose from. From wedding favors and party favors, to handmade baby clothes and personalized jewelry.

We offer standard, custom and on-demand services. Our customers can get their personalized item created in as little as 4 days from the time we receive the order . We do our best to ensure customer satisfaction with our products and service for each client.

Handicrafts are objects that have been crafted in a traditional way. They are made of fabrics and textiles and the most common types of handicrafts on the market are embroideries, tapestries, pottery, basket weaving and much more.

We specialize in selling handicrafts which are made in different parts of India, such as bangle and jewelry.

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The word handicrafts is of Anglo-Norman origin and denotes handiwork, especially in the applied arts. The word handicrafts is derived from the Old French word “handicraper” meaning ‘to make by hand’.

Handicrafts are often traditional and home-based, artisan occupations, practiced independently or as part of a village or urban informal sector activity.

They have been defined by UNESCO as “skills that involve creative or manual work, which can be learnt and transferred from one person to another.”

Handicrafts have always been an important part of the Indian culture. From small towns to the cities, handicrafts are a part of the daily lives of Indians. This may be because they have a rich legacy and history that has spanned over thousands of years and it is hard to ignore them in today’s day and age.

Some people may consider handicrafts to be “traditional” or obsolete, but this could not be further from the truth.

We specialize in handicrafts, art work and paintings. We offer high-quality artwork that captures the spirit of the artist. We are a small team of artists and our crafts are made by hand.

The artwork we produce is authentic, most of it is one-of-a-kind pieces.

We also specialize in custom orders for events such as weddings and parties, or just for anyone who wants something special to give someone as a gift.

Additionally, we offer a design service to help you find your perfect art piece for your home or office space.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of handicrafts. We are a contemporary design company specializing in handicrafts and we use the latest technology

We work closely with interior designers, architects, hoteliers, event planners, restaurant owners and others who require bespoke designs or specific projects. Our services include: The Design of Craft Projects; Development of New Craft Products for Retail; Consultancy for Existing Handicraft Producers; Research on Craft Markets Worldwide.

Handicrafts are a term that is used to refer to any object, tool, or technique that’s been made by hand.

These can be made with natural materials like wood, clay, metal and others.

The term handicrafts was first used in the 19th century to describe the objects that were made by African American women who were skilled artisans during slavery.

Handicrafts can be categorized into two types- traditional and contemporary. Traditional handicrafts are typically created for ceremonial purposes like clothing or songs. Contemporary handicrafts have no rituals attached to them but are still a type of hand made product for people who enjoy the craftsmanship of these items.